Robotics For Future Presidents

Robots are rapidly entering our daily lives. In millions of homes, a robot vacuum cleaner scurries around and sucks up dirt. Autonomous cars have already travelled millions of kilometres. In factories, robots are no longer confined to safety cages, and have started cooperating with factory workers. This is the new technology wave taking shape.

World-renowned robotics experts discuss their vision on our robotic future with science journalists Bas den Hond, Bennie Mols and Bram Vermeer. They envision what will be lost and what will be gained as robots affect almost every industry and service - and how we can prepare for it.

This book is an initiative of TU Delft Robotics Institute, which unites the university's robotics research and is the focal point of RoboValley.


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I am pleased to announce that our book, "Robotics for Future Presidents", will be released 8 January 2016. In addition to this book, we also present you with this website. In early 2016, we will enrich this website with a place for you to discuss not only the contents of the book, but also developments in the field of robotics in general. We will facilitate this discussion by directly engaging you in our conversations, and linking you to the writers of the book and the researchers at TU Delft Robotics Institute who can share their thoughts and visions.

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We give the ownership of manufacturing back to the factory floor


Once we connect robots to the internet, it is as if the internet itself suddenly gets eyes and ears to observe the real world, as well as hands and feet to act in it. Via the internet, robots can also learn from the experiences of the other robots. The potential of robots online has been largely unexplored, but they hold great promise

Marco Dorigo

As soon as you have a single robot that is autonomous enough to go out in the field to pick fruit, then you can have a swarm.

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